Thursday, October 7, 2010

To The Nay-sayers

Conditions have not been placed on my gift to you, so why do the few who doubt this is my contact, keep disapproving of what I say? Your questions have not been dismissed. I am only able to give limited contact during my channel's day, and must continue to lead my deceiver expose and teach what this blog was created for. No questions are intentionally ignored. Making answers fit into my discourses is my only way to manage them. I have given the most contact to chelas available now. I will continue to answer questions as much as I can, but keep in mind that very personal questions are not appropriate to this format.

Comments that are negative are not posted, but questions included in negative comments are answered in my messages. My choice to delete negative comments is not to diminish the need to answer them. Creating anger on this message board is not conducive to teaching, and allowing angry attitudes to disrupt a most loving communication, adds nothing to the process. If you have an attitude against these  messages, this means there is an energy in mass consciousness that is divisive, and my request is to look at the cause of your divisive negativity, and reduce your antagonistic attitude to an opinion. Nobody needs an angry dissident among the ascension candidates, as the dissident drains the group of its higher vibrations. Mass consciousness can only get more harmonious when man becomes harmonious.

Chelas, when my words do not give you a good feeling, give the others a chance to discover how they feel, instead of attacking the messenger. Attitudes against my messages are contradictory to the "love and light" being espoused by the those doling out anger. No "love and light" comes with negative attitudes.

Can you contain the anger towards me and decide on the value of my teachings instead? If my teachings have no value for you, go away. Cancel your subscription to these messages. If they do have value, negativity about what appears to be my disregard for a question may seem like a small contribution to be addressed now, but it has more impact than you know. Making negative comments against anything disturbs the mass consciousness. My goal today is to give you more cause to offer only neutral energy to mass consciousness. Neutral means: no grading of your own feelings, where every point of view is OK in your mind. Deal with it in yourself, instead of dumping an attitude into mass consciousness.

An example: anger arises. Feel that anger, and move it through the body, before delivering comments about the cause of that anger to others. Anger, in itself, is neither negative or positive. It is an emotion that has come to the matrix of materialization to be experienced. Give the feeling the opportunity to be fully grounded in the body, and don't go to the computer to deliver it to anyone. Once the anger has dissipated its more than controlling embrace, the neutrality in your energy can deliver an opinion. Attack energy comes when there is no neutrality in the delivering of an opinion. Calm, clear, neutral energy can communicate things clearly, so they can be heard without recoiling. Energetic neutrality is the key to making a discussion of differences easy and effective. Bragging about having superior wisdom, or knowledge, never solved anything. Truth comes to those who are not demanding anything. Being demanding causes disturbed communication.

Now, can you understand why my choice to not publish some of the "comments" has been in the best interest of this group? Satisfying man's ego is not my mission - deleting arrogance is. Today's message has been delivered to those who do not allow their ego to be destroyed. This, alone, can keep them trading insults instead of ascending.

Perhaps the gift to them can be this understanding. All can benefit from this message because, as things become more challenging, my advice about being neutral to communicate can avoid disturbance in any situation.
Previous questions have not been dismissed. Neither have the negative nay-sayers who are needing an outlet to control with their opinions. Because they contribute their dissident energy, this needs to be addressed. Because of their negativity, my control of this blog must prevail. Command of this blog is mine. Only new members can be completely free of the disturbing energy that began with abrasive comments in June. My intention is: to make more people aware, so negativity can cease.

Teach only love, and give love a chance to grow in your life. Negativity against the dark actually adds darkness to mass consciousness. Being neutral about darkness deletes its impact. Give love to the one you are not comfortable with. Add more light to the continent that you live on. Attitudes and emotions are different. An attitude continues to disturb, and an emotion can quickly disburse. Attitudes against anyone or anything is darkness. An emotion is merely energy in motion. Clear all attitudes against, and free the darkness in you. Best to do so before condemning those you don't agree with, as their attitude can also be the one you are not admitting to yourself. They could answer an attack with an attack, and another opportunity for peace, once again becomes a decent into darkness.

Polite questions are always welcome on this message blog. Negative comments, in all forms, are not. Bless the ones you do not agree with, as they may have just what you need to discard the negativity that keeps you unhappy.  So be it.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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