Monday, October 11, 2010

Creative Ideas And Change

Children are the most creative on planet Earth, because they are open to new ideas. As adults, most creativity has been contained by ego. "No, this is not accurate" claims the mind, about all that doesn't collaborate with what has previously been accepted as truth. When different ideas arise, the ego contributes only disdain. What can change, when all creativity has been discarded? Are we going to wait for the annihilation of God's creation, before acting on the new attitudes being presented to man as solutions? New days are coming. Can you accept new ideas from your own heart and take appropriate action?

Answers, to every crisis, arise in the minds of man to assist. Man can accept these answers, or not. Making a decision to communicate ideas of this kind can be difficult, because others may not accept them. Many are afraid to contribute their ideas to others for fear of rejection. But all creative contributions must be delivered, or nothing can be altered.

Friends and family are usually the first to consider a new idea. If they are not open, how can the idea become an accepted task? Only when the one who receives it, can actively believe in it. When can an idea become an actuality? When the heart leads over all opinions to the contrary. Can you say that you are open to the inspirations that arise in your mind? Can you accept them before testing them out with others? Opinions can delete a great idea. Are you able to give a new idea the opportunity to exist? Can you act on a new idea before asking others their opinion? If not, many opportunities to deliver happiness to others, may never be acted upon.

Put this attitude to the test: "I am a creative being". What this means, is that you accept creative ideas. Creativity comes at odd moments, giving help or new concepts, as a natural way of living. Acceptance of new ideas means creative developments can occur. When acting on the contributions that arise in your mental dream of how life can be, any decisions you make can be considered the divine creator in action. Squelching new ideas, defeats the Divine's ability to deliver creative change to all of mankind. You are a demonstration of everything you accept. Giving credence to new ideas can be the gift you are meant to deliver to others. Denying your thoughts about a change of direction, cancels the opportunity for that idea's next level of development.

Peace on Earth is one idea that many concur on. Canceling your inspiration about how this can be achieved, delivers no change to consciousness. Peace on Earth requires peace in the hearts of man, and cannot be dismissed as "only an idea", for "the next days" need that concept to develop future change. Are you able to help bring more confidence to this change of thinking? Begin with your own mental controller, the ego.

When an idea comes to you, act on it. Ask no one for their opinion. Take responsibility for the creative action needed, to contribute that idea to humanity. Create new dreams, by acting on your creative abilities. If man never does what his creative thoughts contribute, no change can occur. Believe in them. Contribute them to the mass consciousness, give them life. Peace is still only a dream. Make it a reality, by getting to be peaceful, and turning the dreams of your mind into courageous actions. No man is able to change his own core beliefs without doing what is being  suggested. Take an idea to its next stage. Contribute this to all of the One. People must accept that their own denials are the death of change.

Cause and effect begins in the mind. As an idea is denied, it ceases to cause anything. An idea that can be developed, causes miracles. Capable, dense beings are not contributing light to mankind because they deny themselves this opportunity. Give the gifts that are given to you, to the next cause and effect phase. Allow the flow to capture them. Give this a chance, whenever new and different thoughts arise. Positive thinking means: being positive about what you think!

Pretending that the thoughts you receive are "not accurate" or "not good enough", dismisses greatness. Change can only happen when a change agent can accept their own contribution to the whole. Free yourself from distrust. Give credit to the creator that gives you creative mental thoughts. Say "yes" to creative ideas. Give them the action they deserve.

Nothing can happen to change current conditions, if our gifts to you are not accepted. Give them the attention they need to flourish. Be the giver, and this will deliver the abundance of healing, awareness, and change, and support God's ability to create the things needed for Gaia.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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  1. Dear Master,
    Thank you again for your wisdom and commitment to make us aware beings, having both: human and divine dignity.

    It is clear that change is not coming soon entirely in its glory and beauty, as long as we have to change every single detail of the world we have built. You say that children are the most creative on planet Earth. What we, parents, have done and are doing with our children? We are killing them. We, masters of pretending something to hide something else. This is what we do with our children, as well. Under the label of care and responsibility for their wellbeing, in fact, we are choking them, their freedom for taking responsibility for them selves, choosing for them selves, experiencing, falling and getting up again by themselves, using their free will as a birthright given by God, their hidden skills, talents and powers that are far evolved than those of their parents. We are killing our kids! We have been violating them for so long, forcing them to act in the way that please us, make our ego happy. What a shame! What a shame to make our own children to feel ashamed when they don't choose what we'll accept as "normal" and "moral"...! My little ones!

  2. Dear Master St.Germain...Thank you for the message and wisdom. Indeed, Great messages i.e "Give credit to the creator that gives you creative mental thoughts."..."People must accept that their own denials are the death of change."..."Peace on Earth requires peace in the hearts of man, and cannot be dismissed as "only an idea", for "the next days" need that concept to develop future change...etc