Saturday, November 13, 2010

Choosing God's Way

Channeling Masters does not make the channel a Master. Many are very good channels, and still do all the "right" things their mind guides them to do.Channeling does not mean that all channels ask about everything they think they understand. This is the case with those who have not learned the basic clues to look for to identify deceivers:
1. Is there any control being condoned in this message?
2. Is there any negativity towards others?
3. Is there any new information that has not been challenged as Christ consciousness?

It is these three clues that could have guided anyone considering to be engaged in New Realities Transmission, as all apply.
1. Who are the controllers here?
2. Making this "New Reality" is "against" the existing one.
3. None of these concepts come from Christ consciousness.

My channels are mostly accurate when they choose an activity to get involved in, but this particular one has made them look less than conscious about their choice. May they take another look at this decree, to demand man's desires for the next manifestation on Mother Earth, and get all the underlying dross that came to them with their assessment.What does the teacher do when the student makes an error? Gives them the lesson and moves on. Nothing more. No disgrace has come to a great channel that dismays us once in awhile. All humans are human.

Please do not ask me to evaluate other channels. My contribution here is to teach, not criticize. My one mention of two names was done so these entities were completely exposed for the deception being brought to their readers. No other way was possible. Most of those channeling are being deceived by their own ego. I cannot tell their names, as I want them to continue channeling, but to be more aware about what comes from the Christ consciousness and what does not. Help is available!!!

Please be the one who learns from these comments, to always ask, "Is this from Christ consciousness?" Christ consciousness is: "not thinking about things that are not as the mind would like them to be".Allow God to lead in all situations, as "thy will be done". This includes any desire the mind determines needs alteration. God creates through humans, and co-creation has the divine leading the way. Man does not have all the facts about any of his concerns, and makes negative thinking, more than gratitude, the master of his life.

Negative thinking does not make him a negative human, it merely offers him a choice to make. Is the desire for a different condition more active than the full acceptance of the current one? If so, he will get more opportunities to learn about acceptance, and drama that teaches this will bring him to this choice point again, and again, until his mind accepts the lesson.

Now we have a situation to erase from man's consciousness, again. Choosing to "Create MAN'S desires of a New World" can delay ascension, because another big lesson of this nature is now needed.

Having my guidance can give the awareness, although many are not able to get my messages, and many who do, are not accepting my words. Can this disturb me? No, but it can make my goals for assisting humanity more difficult.

After this new change drama is complete, we will appeal to all who participated, again, to dismiss their mind's creations and give all the decisions about creating a New World to the Creator. Purify your own mind, so you will not be condemning those who followed their mind's choice in the 11-11 date's conjugation activity. It was not their time to demonstrate their own Christ consciousness. That's all there is to be aware of.

Nothing that happens on this planet, or others, has negative karma that cannot be instantly altered. Only the next choice, needs to be the Christ consciousness choice. A big drama that makes this a new conjunction can occur, and choosing the lead of the heart, not the mind, can delete this entire condition. Between now and then, though, could be the second ascension wave, and those who are needing this lesson may not be on it. It depends on them, it is not our choice to penalize them. 

Final comments on this matter: ascension can only occur to the ones who have Awakened. Be aware that all who have chosen to participate in New Reality Transmission are not yet Awake.

I prefer to Awaken, not condemn. Awakening must occur before the next opening, or the opportunity may disappear. Pass this on to those who are participating in this current deception of their own controlling mind.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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  1. Master Saint Germain,
    I subscribed the invitation for 11:11 thinking no more than 1 sec. about it, when I saw the source where was it coming from. You explained to us that it was wrong, but I decided to go ahead with the meditation having a clear intention that I would be on my own and not part of any gathering, and my meditation would be about Peace and Love on Earth and Beyond. I did so.

    Today I cannot evaluate what was it that I did. The confident part of me says that it was good since the dedication was for peace and love. The no-confident part says that it is not sure about the timing. Was timing OK? Was my good intention probably manipulated and so myself used? Honestly I don't know.

    I am not concerned about any “punishment” or negative karma taken. I have courage to take full responsibility for my deeds, when they result in fault. It is myself that wants to be honest and true to myself. If the meditation in 11:11 was not a smart thing to do, and although I did it, and as I did it, it caused harm to others, this is really bad.

  2. Don't force the mind...flow with the life,
    non judgement & acceptance.
    See & be,
    let go and let happen!

    Thank You Master SG

  3. What does the deep blue flame symbolize? God? It looks so familiar to me from a past-life memory I had one day. It was representing a higher power- GOD!