Saturday, November 27, 2010

Life Is a Consciousness Game

Change is the most wonderful awareness builder. When all things remain the same, there is little to grow from. Change will knock, and a door will open for the mental director to take the lead. Nothing does more for one's life than contradicting that director's instructions. For example: Going out of one's comfort zone is a "cause and effect" opportunity, that not going out of that zone does not provide. Doing only what you have done before, draws nothing to you that will help you grow in awareness. Only things that are new and different can move a life forwards towards completion of its contract.

Whenever an act of kindness is done, consider this to be the correct choice. When no acts of kindness are done, the life is not serving its total purpose. Giving to those who are themselves giving, lights the continents that are the actors stage. Whenever a light goes on, the world gets a bit more conscious.

Controlling the impulse to give has the effect of thwarting one's life's purpose. All humans, on all continents, are being led to adopt an attitude of caring. Both sides of this coin are displayed, as a consciousness, to teach that one way feels good to all concerned, and the other does not. Making a nice gesture will not only cause those being given some good feelings, they, in turn, will touch many more, and continue the light cycle.

Parents who don't teach their children to give, begin a very different kind of cycle. Children who demand all their parents' attention, instead of being grateful for the attention they get, are not learning to climb the "right" side of the "mountain of love" that has their best interest at the top.  Life is a  consciousness game. What do I mean by this?

There are paths on both sides of the mountain that leads to God. The path on one side is climbed with an open heart, and the other side is for those climbing with a closed heart. Those with a closed heart approach the summit seeking one or more things that they anticipate finding at the top. But they will find nothing, because they planted nothing that would help move the whole of that mountain to a more caring condition.

Climbing the other side of the mountain are those who learned to give to others, so their climb has become very simple and easy. Their only goal is to love all they meet along the way, and as they reach the top of that mountain, they become  aware of those coming up the other side and want to welcome them with open arms. But the others cannot see them, they are not even in their awareness. They are all on the same mountain, but those climbing with lots of negativity cannot  greet the others with any love in their hearts, making contact impossible. Contact closes when one gives and the other only takes. Caring goes both ways in heaven.

Children who don't learn to give go to God with demands. Those who give, go to God with only gratitude in their hearts. Which are you? Are you asking for different circumstances than the ones you now have? Are you looking towards ascension as a reward for all you have given or as a demand? Ascension will only go to those that can accept all that is in God's design. There is no control involved for those who climb the mountain with meditating and giving.

Those who do not do these two things, will be disturbed by the changes that are about to occur. They will dismiss my words, as they cannot comprehend the meaning of my messages. Nor will they get to reach the top of the mountain , because the furthest they can climb is to the cliff right below the summit. Many will not even leave the base of the mountain. Mountains are symbols of consciousness. At the bottom are the masses who don't realize that they can climb to the top and receive all the lessons needed for ascension along the way.

Are you a climber? Are you a goal oriented human? There are no goals that will lead you to divine awareness. All goals are mind's contribution to human achievements, and ascension is not an achievement. It will be the disappearance of those who only give and appreciate. As they ascend the mountain, they will continue calling on all who have made ascension a goal, but who did not learn that love is the key to being on the "right" path. Those on this "left" path will get "left" behind.

Giving grace to the light makers on the "right" side of the mountain is the next game in the divine plan. Giving to them will contribute much to all. Not a day will go by where they don't appreciate that gift, and their happy hearts will take them directly to the "right" side of the mountain.

Consider my words carefully. There will be no ascension for those who cannot act as the light they espouse. They are not able to ascend, because they cannot accept God's grace, and have not given enough attention to their own awareness. There will be no doctors or healers on the mountain top. All healing must be finished before the climb is complete.

Take a moment to assess another quality of this metaphor: the mountain is the ascension. All who go up the "right" side will ascend. All who climb without divine will as their path, will not. Please choose the divine calling to ascend, and give to the light, before you get to the top of the mountain and discover that the light of God cannot be mentally demanded, or controlled by the mind.

God loves all children equally, but they must choose the light on their way to his domain.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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  1. Thank You so much for every word you share with us our Master, Christ Consciousness/Love Consciousness/God Consciousness. Your every word is the word of God to us.

  2. Welcome back Saint Germain, I missed you. The last days that you “were not” here and I thought as a kid thinks for his teacher that would be fun, were not so much of fun. They were work and busy, and I am happy that they were so.
    Your message is very clear: Service. To your and Other Self, equally. I think everyday what my mission, or service to others could be. I don’t get it specifically. I have to believe that this mission may be a simple act: getting my heart sunk in purity, simplicity, and goodness and let its light shines and be seen in my world. It cannot be naiveté what I am experiencing, since I never have been a naïve. Always knew the meaning and intention of thoughts or deeds of the others around me. Not to interfere or get involved or to let it go has been a conscious/unconscious choice, but not naiveté. This new “childish” Me is an expression of the faith of my heart to our Mother/Father God. I will let it shines stronger and brighter.

  3. Saint Germain, could you please give us more details on "the changes that are about to occur" mentioned in this message ?

    There is a lot of predictions for December from another sources, a big plate movement in Asia with Indonesia sinking 80 feet suddenly, war between Koreas, big influx of light during Crescent Moon period, public appearance of Jesus after the Crescent Moon period.

    Are you refering to some of these events ? I suppose that it is not the Ascension yet, since your last prediction about that was an attempt to make it by the end of 2011.


  4. Giving in all aspects of life, include work, is key to creating the loving world we all desire. It's worth reflecting on this daily to ensure we are all doing our part!