Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Meditate For Your Ascension

Meditation will give you a taste of home. Meditation can open the mind to more than what has come to the senses. Meditation gives the mind an awareness of the happiness that comes out of the heart. Meditation changes all the cells of the body to light. Changing the cells can deny the doctors their cancer treatments and their medication distribution. The cause of many changes to the grid of human materialization, meditation must not be an object of negative comments, as a non-aware comment can defeat the contribution of the meditation.

Many meditators are now active, though not enough are aware of the need to give this gift to others. Teaching others to meditate has cancelled many of the disasters that would have otherwise occurred. Gone are most of the changes originally expected. Other cataclysims can also be deferred if even more are able to be quiet. Mass consciousness needs to change to alter the consequences of current consciousness materializations. Meditation deletes much of the negative attitudes contributed to mass consciousness.

Can you give the New Earth the time to meditate? Twice a day would give the most awesome delivery of grace to all the major control choices, giving our daily materializations no direct completion. Once a day can do a lot of good also, and any candidate for ascension must do this at least one hour a day. Can anyone ascend who doesn't meditate or meditates less? Never before has anyone ascended that was not in a meditative condition. Ascension comes out of the conduit's Oneness with cosmic consciousness. A big dose of light must add to the current amount of light at the moment ascension occurs. No one who does not meditate can absorb and assimilate this new contribution. Only those who are Awake can make the great difference in consciousness change a little more compatible then the daily meditators, as there is a lessor contribution of charge needed.  Children, who are not contracted, are ascension candidates, because they can accept and assimilate the next level to be contributed.

Can you now get the drift of my words? Without meditating, the difference in contribution you can accept can determine an ascension or the death of an ascension candidate. Not being able to assimilate the new frequency cancels an ascension.

Many talk about ascending with Mother Earth. What this means is, the new contributions of light given to the Earth also come to all of mankind. Can the donation be accepted by an individual that has no awareness of New Age teachings? It depends on their awareness of God and their ability to receive the new level of change in their body. Meditation makes a change to the higher quantities of charge alright. No meditation can mean there is no ability to accept that charge.

What this message today means to you is:
1. Meditation daily can alter the next conditions that evolve from current conditions.
2. Meditators are to gain the ability to absorb a more concentrated addition of man's consciousness on a higher frequency than non-meditators.
3. Cancelling major cataclysms can be a consequence of many meditators.
4. Mass consciousness can become more saturated with active donations of light when many are meditating at the same time.
5. Humans cannot be the change of awareness for others without accepting more  Christ consciousness.
6. False concepts about ascension abound. Get the details needed as a direct result of meditating.

Are these words confusing? Are the Masters who are proclaiming a dream of New Earth consciousness without disasters, wrong? Anything can change, and being the change means contributing to it. Can a daily meditation cause ascension? Not by itself. Can it be one difference between an ascension and no ascension? Yes.

When the next contribution of consciousness changing energy is donated to the citizens of Earth, can it be absorbed and assimilated by many human bodies? Can this be the ascension we have all been giving our attention to? Can this be the next change, the most causitive drama ever to occur? It can. Are these conditions an opportunity to ascend? Yes.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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  1. Thank You Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germain, for your Divine Light, Love, Wisdom and Perfect Intelligent Direction.

    Thank You Aruna, for making yourself available to be a Divine Conduit.

    Love & Gratitude