Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Co-Creating With God

Heart and mind do not have the same awareness. Mind has only the lessons learned in one lifetime of experience, and the heart can also access the light and wisdom of divine Creator. Choosing the light means choosing the heart.

Practice with this way of being begins by not following the way of the mind, because the mind, as guide and director, will dismiss your "no mind" choices. Mind considers itself dominant to the body, and will use its mental decisions to cancel out the heart's guidance. Practice with choosing the guidance of one's heart needs all of your attention. Are most of the decisions about your daily activities arranged by the mind? Are your activities a result of giving mental attention to the dross that mind has created? Concentration on mental activities defers the creativity of a potential conduit. An open heart needs an accepting conduit at least once a day. Create space in your life to awaken the heart.

Welcome the guidance that comes in unexpected moments. When it comes, act on it at once - not when the mind decides. Don't trust the mind, because anything it decides, without heart guidance, has no basis in Reality. Reality has no limits, no qualities that need decision making, "no mind". Reality is in the awareness that knows you can act without thinking. Casting out thoughts to "create your own reality" has nothing to do with Reality.

To co-create with God, you must learn to ignore the mind's guidance and get very familiar with the difference between mind's methods and "no-mind" consciousness. This is done with awareness.

The cause of disasters in the environment can be explained thusly: When a mental creation collapses, a divine opportunity exists. As all of man's creations are mostly mind generated, going out of the matrix of materialization can only occur when "no-mind" becomes available. Change in the entire human experience could occur in an instant with "no-mind" as the mass consciousness, as this would invite a divine change of direction. How can this be done? With the deletion of contractions, and making each day a "no mind" day.

Please consider this scenario: Get up, meditate, and get dressed, choosing clothes without grappling with ideas that cancel out other ideas. Go with the first choice, and make no changes. Get a bite to eat: Open the cabinet for the dishes you will need. Select the first ones you cast your eyes on. Take this to the refrigerator and reach for the first thing that draws your attention, no changes allowed. Prepare that selection and enjoy your meal. Grab an apple for the road, and leave the house.

Give the car or bike or feet the opportunity to be guided by the heart. Can you say, "go where you want"? Can your mind accept the direction of this movement? Await instructions from the heart for all your next actions. Allow the body to act on all the heart's choices. Make no attempt to figure out the heart's intention of these choices. Should the heart decide to purchase a drawing that is being sold in a shop the body passes, give the owner the money for it with no hesitation. Should the heart decide the body needs a nap during the day, make no comment about what isn't getting done. Spend what the heart decides, not the mind. Keep the awareness going about which part of the body this guidance is coming from. Accept nothing from the mind when making decisions. If there is no pausing, there will be no contradictory thinking that disturbs the co-creative flow.

After this way of living becomes conscious and decisive, "no-mind" will allow you to recognize the divine creator's ascension call. Your new lifestyle will eventually seem normal if you continue to follow the guidance of the heart.

Teaching this way of living is not easy, as the mental director can become contrary and demand attention. Give it one thing to do that does not dislodge all of your "living in the moment" driven actions, like asking for a different food item when the heart chooses one that is not as desirable. Consider this a momentary preference instead of justifying it as a diet decision.

Choosing this way of living is a major shift. Are you going to accept mind's reasons why it "should not" be done? Are you going to give it a try? Ask the heart how it wants the body to be guided. Will you accept its answer? This is choice time - do you choose mind or heart? What will people assume about your moment-to-moment, "no mind" choices? Good things, because the magic of being in the flow will become obvious. Heart led lives are the happiest lives.

Give this a day, then another, and another, allowing for mistakes. Give "no mind", to decisions that can lead back to mind's control. This choice is not between good and bad, it is between illusion and Reality. A mind led life is not living in Reality.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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  1. Thank you Saint Germain, we are all blessed having you in our lives. I say this with tears in my eyes... Myself now and Myself then is different. I recognize the jump, the transformation, the renewal; cells in my body and my spirit get brighter and washed in light more and more. They shine, I shine in the new I. There are no words to explain what I exactely feel, every day and every day, blessed and loved beyond of what I deserve.

    My happiness gets cut in half, when I see people having the chance to choose the happiness of their heart, to choose the rightness: Mentor, path and direction, tools and means, and they are so unable to get it. The Divine Teaching says "Respect them and love them. Let them make their own choices." And I feel like crying when I see them get lost, get lost as I was before.

    I pray for everyone to find the way back to Light and Love. Thank you Saint Germain.