Thursday, November 11, 2010

Why The Differences?

Can this message be the last that convinces you to accept my authenticity? I AM THAT I AM cannot teach as an Ascended Master through those who are not Awakened. What this means is: the messages I give through one channel, who is Awake, can appear to be different than what my messages are through channels that are not Awake. Being Awake changes the mental comprehension and point of view. When a channel has no drama affecting their channeling ability, I can discuss matters that cannot be discussed through a mental opinion. When a channel gets messages that agree completely with what other channels are delivering, be aware that this does not make that message correct. Few channels have the ability to get the message accurately, until there is a complete dissolution of what their own mind believes. In the recent channeling about the causes of ascension, three things were omitted. Being the conduit's channel, I can now tell you that my complete message was not given because most of those listening could not accept the full message. Not giving a complete delivery of the channeled conversation happens frequently - mainly due to the ability to deliver clearly through the channel, but sometimes because the message given is only what the listeners can accept as a group. This keeps an audience from getting disturbed by new material they are not able to accept yet. Those who have been attracted to this blog are not the mass audience. Some come, get disturbed and leave. It is not that these messages are a contradiction to their beliefs, which can be the case, its that these seekers don't like the message because of their own lack of awareness.

Channeling for groups attracts words that depend on the group. Ms. Evers' group is more concerned with what will occur during the changes, than they are about being Awakened NOW. What they ask gives them the answers they need to be inspired to learn more, and, at the same time, gives them nothing they cannot deal with. When you are listening to a channel, consider the depth of awareness of the audience before you cast distrust on the channel or the entity delivering that message. The law of attraction is: like attracts like. All channelings give the message the LISTENERS can accept.

Now, on this blog, my work is for those who are able to Awaken and ascend to the highest dimensions as a group. Not merely to the 5th, which most will be ascending to. Awakening, in the cancerous drama now being played out, can give a different dynamic to that drama, and provide a new container for God's grace to work through. Anchors of light are not the norm in mass consciousness. It is the truth of those who can accept that not being a controller can bring more light than being a controller can. Those who demand "my way", instead of giving God the total lead, are all controllers. Giving up that controlling attitude will change the message they can accept.

Pass along my messages to those who can give up their control attitudes. Others, who are adamant to "create their own reality", must go through difficult days to get the message that man cannot act as a controller over God's will and get the happiness he craves. True happiness comes from letting go of decisions about what is accepted and what is not. Only then, can divine guidance lead man out of his drama.

Are my words making sense? Close the door to doubt and fear!  Giving up resistance to divine will can cause  an Awakening. Acknowledging God is nearly the same message, but not the same depth of meaning. This is because most of those hearing my words don't understand this difference. Completing karma means nothing is left undone as a human. Cancelling karma is instant whan an Awakening occurs. Could I have said Awakening in the answer here? No, most listeners don't even accept their Master within as an Awakened awareness.

Meanings to words are all in the delivery that these listeners can accept. My channels of this lesson were very accurate as to what my delivery was. My listeners were not, as a mass consciousness, able to accept more. When a beginning listener hears, he only gets a minor amount of what is said. What this audience heard could make the needed difference in this one lesson.

And my other question to answer today regards my delivery of different dates. My 2011 date was for the next wave, and the 2012 date was for the third wave. Not different at all from what I have previously said, only confusing because of my  lack of details. Now, these dates are my guess, not my accurate, contained decision. My decision has no bearing on God's choice of timing. All can change regarding these dates. My delivery of material is accurate when delivered, but changes in mass consciousness, or the divine redirection of man's destiny by God, can completely alter these dates.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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  1. we totally subscribe to you master saint germain we will clear up our engrams and get ready and once we are awakened the change in dates will not disappoint us master.We appreciate the efforts taken by you to really kindle a mass awakening we take your call master we take your call seriously we will strive for cancellation of karma i.e awakening .We will be ready master irrespective of the dates with your grace master love you lots and thank you master

  2. Thanks Saint Germain and Aruna for this clarification on the expected time frame for the Ascension Waves, subject to change.

    Please keep us updated about eventual changes in the expectations in order we can have some ideia about the expected dates. I think that this is important, otherwise the Ascension candidates could think that all this will not happen in their lifetimes, and forget about the subject.


  3. Thank You Beloved Master St.Germain and Blessed Aruna...

    With Love
    Muhammad Habib

  4. I was seeing tens of websites around the Internet. Over there, everybody was teaching everybody. I was one of those "teachers" when I joined this blog. In one case I "advised" Saint Germain how to answer a troubled guy. In another case I asked him, if with the ascension I would marry an Arcturian... (Please don't laugh, it is true...!) I had no clue what was that I was looking for. I couldn't get that ascension thing: going up some ladders until get somewhere, but how far up would send me my knees suffering from arthritis... (I am not joking...!)

    I strongly believe that Messages of Saint Germain have the magic within. They are always directed to a large audience, always discussing issues and concerns that have to deal with our human obligations, responsibilities, and privileges. The magic is that they have caused me to change individually. They have given me the tools how to navigate my life as an intelligent being through the mysteries of the unknown to the discovery of the New Self. How to put aside my old worries and living for others and never for myself. I have started to experience an incredible feeling of freedom that I never knew before.

    Saint Germain didn't show me the date when would I get at the ladder making sure first I had pills of arthritis with me... Instead he taught me how to search for love and happiness, while living the life today. To believe, that they exist everywhere, anytime, in my world and beyond.
    Eternally grateful to you Saint Germain.

  5. It is not authenticity that is the question, it is what appears to be distortion. What is happening in today's world, whether in the U.S., France, Iran, or any other place on the globe, is the hand of the Divine at work creating the lessons to be learned and opportunities for the exercise of free will to Awaken. Masters and Awakened Ones would be readily aware of that and such events should not provoke biased comments as have appeared but would rather, I think, should have reassured everyone that it is but those lessons and opportunities that are needed at individual, nuclear group, tribal, geographic, regional, national, and other levels to give all that will the doorway to access ascension. So it is, to me, not a question of whether the message is authentic but knowing that no 3D person could be TOTALLY without distortion, if they were then they would be something never seen before, then how much distortion is there within the messages.

  6. Ascended Master Saint Germain,
    I would appreciate if you could comment of the accuracy of the messages from Patricia Cota Robles, who claims they come from the Beings of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth. My enquiry comes as a result of her being a supporter of the New Reality Transmission on 11/11/10.

    Thank You

  7. Thank you, thank you, thank you, St. Germain. I get it!!!