Monday, November 15, 2010

Conscious Death And Ascension

When my teachings are accepted, they can provide the needed conditions for ascension. Many do not understand what my guidance calls for, as this new lesson I am giving through this channel is for activating heart awareness by canceling existing mental attitudes. Preparing for ascension does not contain any "doing" that can give the body more "cause and effect" drama. It deletes the cause of all new drama.

Channels don't usually discuss this new "dance of leela" game. It now needs attention, before the second wave gate to ascension is opened. Please post my messages wherever an answer of mine fits the occasion. Changing mental attitudes is not an easy goal. Changing an attitude needs more convincing than one or two of these channeled deliveries. This is why my words move in this direction on any occasion I can create. My words do not condemn anyone - although I will continue to expose what is deceptive that has been planted in your awareness. No divine consciousness delivers deception, only man's devious mind can do this. An ET can also have a devious mind. Fierce defense of the deceivers does not do much for ascension. Contact with my words can.

Many of my chelas will be asked for more by the controllers. They will be asked to contribute their attention to those humans who will die instead of ascending. None of these chelas have been given any instructions on how to die. Control of the "dance of leela" does not control death, only life. Once an answer to leaving the body entails death, the next question to ask is,: "how can this death become an ascension"? It definitely can. Here's how:

Absolute acceptance of death, as the next contribution to awareness, can complete the cycle of dis-ease as it confronts man's greatest fear with divine consciousness. Accepting an imminent death can deliver the body to its last lifetime, by demonstrating how to die consciously.

Facing fear becomes the most delicate balance of the human condition. Avoiding all that mind fears, contracts the channels of divine light. Any contraction at the moment of death will continue the cycle of karma. Relaxing into the body, and facing what has caused the fear response, demonstrates a divine human attitude towards completion of a man's contract. Dying consciously includes no disturbance, desire or attachment. I AM Presence is the only awareness in that moment.

I AM Presence is the Awakened condition. Beaming only light as I AM THAT I AM completes an Awakening. No longer are there concerns, or the creation of new lessons, because no new lessons are needed. All lessons are to get man to Being the I Am Presence.

Pretending that the heart is open means nothing to I AM consciousness. It only notices the deception that mind has lead to the body in negative messages about health, Oneness, and co-creating with divine energies. Masters aren't concerned about any of these things. They only exist as a human expression of I AM.
None of these things matter in the big picture. All of humanity has created a big, dynamic learning experience. Why? Only to learn that this experience is NOT the Truth. Are they doing this to die, again and again? No, they are doing this to ascend. Nothing that the mind conceives has any meaning at all in I AM consciousness.

Masters, all of you are already an expression of I AM THAT I AM when you meditate. Can this condition become a constant, lasting way of Being? It can. Change only the attitude of "me" and "you" to "me" and "me". Give the "me" no tough decisions to make. Give these to God. That is all that is needed. Please learn this very simple thing: You are the one that you perceive as "other". Can you accept this Universal truth? Can the mind control of the past be over? If not, why not?

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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  1. I have been posting almost every day in this blog... I kindly ask you friends, please forgive me. I am living between two worlds, spiritual and real, and it feels amazing. It is the same for you, as well. This massive togetherness experience of the “unknown” put us so much together in the Oneness of only one real world: the world of spirit. It is an unstoppable desire to say something, to let it out, to share with whoever is close and can hear you... Again, please accept my apology.

    I read the today's message at work and thought all day about it. Many loved ones and very-loved ones of mine have passed away. My parents as well. I have seen them dead, but not dying. I had the chance to be a bit closer to the face of death in my father's case.

    My father's love for God was a beautiful thing to watch. His faith, trust and belief in God was a bright light that never had any shadow. He was a devoted gentleman and his love was as pure as the purity itself is. He was a happy man in the deepest lack of material things necessary for a family of 10 and other turbulent events. He lived a long, and healthy life. The end was simple. Only a few peaceful days. As peaceful and bright as his faith had been always. (I hope my father made it: ascended in high realms). Being close to this experience, I have an idea how death comes and goes when God is present in all days of your life, to the very last one.

    How death would be in not “normal” days? Hard to imagine. Don't take me wrong, it is not fear for my own death. I am weak to be a witness of the pain and terror of dying of people around. Is God going to show me ways to not witness, as He took me away the last minute that my father would turn the switch of life off? I don't know.

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  3. I feel a call for assisting my 91 year old grandmother. A few months ago she had a stroke and she is dying in a nursery house. She seems to be fighting still. I would like to be able to help her to pass away with peace in her heart, but apart from holding her hand, sending her loving energy and taking care of her body don't really know what else I could do. It feels like something had to shift in me to help her, but I don't know what it is. Could you make a comment on this, please? I wish this opportunity to learn about death was used consciously by both of us.

  4. Thank you Dear St.Germain and Aruna.

    With Love
    Muhammad Habib

  5. Good Morning Saint Germain,
    Do you mind if you give me some information about my spirit guides? It seems there are two of them, but they don't communicate with me as freely and much as I want them to do? This is said very politely, because they are so dumbs, that a few days ago I thought one of them was a ghost and asked him to go with the light and join God...! (Yes, that's right, a good humor for the down moments...)

    It seems very strange, since I am working very hard myself to improve the quality of meditation, to clean and clear blockages, to make the spirit life to take the lead in my real life as often as possible. I am blessed I get priceless advise from masters and archangels in this blogg about my specific needs, but not from my guides. Are they for real, do they appreciate my eagerness to progress steadily and naturally?

    About dreams. We were told to pay attention to our dreams. I have almost a no-night dream sleep. Do I have to concern about it?

    Thank you Saint Germain.