Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Waves Of Ascension

My first comments are about the original plan that most of the Great White Brotherhood has been describing. This plan was to have three ascension waves. All three were to have enough humans disappear, that the others could be curious enough to learn why. Many years of discussing this plan did not get enough ready to ascend in the first wave to make an impact.  The first wave group did not disappear. All are contributing their light to the others who can be in the second wave. The second wave is now in gathering stage.

Poor numbers are the result of the misinformation delivered to true seekers when an inability for our realm to make contact occurred. Normal density in the atmosphere has always made things difficult, but when the more dense attitudes AGAINST others became the mass consciousness, this made our ability to connect even more difficult. My channels were all on a different frequency band than I was. That is why my Master Messages were given to Aruna. Awakened awareness was the connecting link These messages were delivered during a dark night of humanities soul.

Pure areas, where there are no dense contributions from opposing forces, are rare. This is why my channel now lives in Uruguay. Channeling in Uruguay is more compatible.

What is the new arrangement for ascension? What will the body experience? No bodies need to disappear to ascend in consciousness. This is the first step. Many have already done this - our first wave has done this. Now, the second wave can disappear, and make an impact by leaving, or they too will leave the normal way, and ascend at the moment of death. No individual dramas will occur. Either a mass ascension or ordinary life and death conditions will prevail.

Those who are to re-inhabit this planet after it has naturally cleansed itself, can beam their light body onto the terra firma, or form a new body to take them into the next incarnation. Only those who are incarnating again will inhabit the new Earth. Ascension is not about man's continued existence as a human. Its about the eternal life force of man's True Nature being re-charted for another band of Masters to co-create as One.

Whether you, as an individuated entity, will be one of those who do this, depends on the contract you already made. More of you are needing to become more aware of historic ascensions. Many, including Jeshua ben Joseph, have done this to demonstrate their consciousness to others. Now we have a group of beings that can do this, but they must be Awake and able to be completely detached from their human body's condition. The body is not the consciousness that ascends, it is the consciousness of a Master that drops the body to ascend.

Where do "you" go? Nowhere. The vibration that creates ascension makes it appear that a person has dissolved. What you will feel is not anything that your mind can imagine What will be experienced the moment of ascension is a deep act of release from the dense environment, and a love like the body has never been able to feel. "Make a Wish Day" can bring this to the next wave. We need more candidates that have given up their attachment to their bodies.  Not to escape anything, just to free the world from all human suffering.

Mental decisions that come directly from the heart will cause all the movement that occurs after ascension. No matter what the mind calls for, it will be choosing the most loving result. No discussion of all the details would be appropriate, because having an experience that has previously been described would destroy that experience.

Continue to dream of being in another matrix of materialization, with no dense conditions making life difficult. Contact with the guides of your pre-arranged contract is important.  No guides are assigned to you. At the moment of ascension the guides of your own choosing will be the way showers to the ascended dimension chosen by your consciousness at the time. Some will go to 5th dimension, and those who have already ascended in consciousness on the first wave, will go on to another dimension beyond the 5th.

Chelas, nothing I say to you can be fully understood, until the actual moment has arrived. Be ready, and be God's instrument of light.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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  1. When was the first wave to take place? Two months ago? I have three strange guides standing by me since two months ago. Poor my Guides, that's why they feel uneasy lately, they knew the tickets were cancelled for an unknown time... Eh, earthy laws... what to do! One of them says: If you want badly something, pretend the opposite if you really want to see the thing happen!

    Be patient my Guides! I have an eternity down here going through the toughest things you even cannot imagine. I am not bored like you are in only a couple of months! I even have started to love watching the world from down up... Keep your spirit up, common! Do I have to encourage you or you should be able to encourage me?! Let me tell you something good: I haven't forgotten to ride the skies beyond mine! I will be in the driver's seat when the time comes. You better make sure to fasten your seat-belts!

    My earthy brothers and sisters,
    I am so sorry! We should go back to work. No apathy! This is our Adventure. We are the Champions!

  2. Thank you very much. It's much easier to put things in order if I have a clear information I trust. And I am feeling supported and loved, so important in this moment of my process. A message about detachment from the body is coming to me in various ways now and it apparently is the most important thing to do now, for the fear about my physical self seems to be the main one if not the only one. With gratitude. I.

  3. We Love You, We Honour You, We Salute You, We bow to you with Love.....our Beloved Teacher, our Heart our Soul, Beloved St.Germain, Ambassador of God

  4. Saint Germain, if possible, I would like some clarification on these passages of two of your recent messages. What I have noted, is that there was a big change in the plans in a little more than two weeks. Could you shed some light on this subject ? Thanks.

    Tuesday, August 31, 2010

    Can Ascension Occur in 2012?

    Can we get all this done by Dec. 21, 2012?
    Can we become twenty million ascending in 2012?
    My dream is to have at least half of this number ready for ascension on the December 21, 2012 date.
    My desire is for ascension on this date to occur, but at this moment, this is not very likely. Based on current conditions, another few years are needed to get even one-fourth of these candidates ready.

    Friday, September 17, 2010

    Are You REALLY Choosing Ascension?

    Our new plan is to gather one million, our next gateway is coming before the end of 2011.
    After this date, no more demonstrations will be controlled by our realm. Only one at a time, at the moment of death, will be able to ascend. Most of the ten million contracted to be on this big demonstration wave are not ready.