Friday, November 19, 2010

Ascension Is For Masters

When my chelas are ready for the lessons they need to delete their contractions, these lessons are made for them with the help of contacts they have made for the purpose of doing this. All has been pre-arranged by their contract, giving instructions to the contacts who are delivering these lessons. Facing fears,  traumas and betrayals, can all be attributed to this contract. All of those involved, having no idea they are delivering a pre-arranged creation, do their best to give what is needed to the "Master in training". Masters are to be made, this time around, by healing their hearts with forgiveness, and closing the door to blame and disturbance for all.

Closing doors on control issues comes next. Eliminating control from the daily drama is the most complex deletion still needed. Control of anything, that has the ability to demand that others make choices of a different nature than that of their own heart's choosing, has many implications. Keeping a child from his own decision making process can greatly effect the parent. Keeping a child out of the chosen destiny of his contract, could be a demonstration of how another lifetime has been needed for one who once made decisions that took others away from their heart's desire. Many parents decide on their children's destiny, changing the contract for that child. Children are being given no choice, but to live as the parent directs. They chose this dynamic as a goal for both parties. Children must learn to live from their own inner director, and parents must learn to allow this. Change anything about the drama, and neither get the needed learning opportunity. Change any contract, and cause yourself another lifetime, though one or two more opportunities to complete the lesson are always arranged before another lifetime is designated.

Because many of my chelas are looking at ascension in this lifetime, many opportunities have been created as completion goals to be mastered. What may appear to be a negative condition, has the ability to create an ascension. Maybe the contract calls for denying a controller the ability to dictate the day's goals. Or, a man's childhood dream was not allowed. Can he move in a new direction as an adult? Is this dream allowed to flow from this new circumstances? Will the adult follow his heart? Can the wake-up call for him be choosing to live his long lost dream? Can the healing be done with the one who initially denied him this choice? When this conclusion cancels a next lifetime contract, ascension can occur.

My reason for giving this particular example is not a call for all to start in a new direction, but only to give those who cannot accept their nudges to do this, another nudge. Parents who did this dis-service to their child must also learn to let go of control. Both sides of this situation have control deletions to accomplish as part of their contract. Neither will ascend unless they can become neutral about the circumstances and decide to follow their heart. This is why paying attention to the heart is so important.

As an adult, a new choice is always a possibility, but not necessarily living a new dream, or accomplishing a new achievement. A new attitude is always involved. Changing an opinion, or a non-aligned demand for control, can be enough. Assessing a situation as a contract choice can give more "oomph" to the ascension candidate for that next decision. When a major choice is to be made, ask the consciousness that "knows", the body's own caretaker within, what choice needs to be made to complete the contract.

Many choose the less desirable, to avoid dealing with changes the opposite choice would afford. Many do not choose at all, and allow that choice, the one they have to consciously make, to be forsaken as a result. Many need more nudges to decide to follow their heart's guidance. Following the heart must be learned before an ascension can occur.

Are these examples sufficient to light a more enticing fire in the body's active awareness. Can the mental decisions being made now, be those needed for completing your contract?

Choose and act on all of these new opportunities to demonstrate Mastery. No one can keep away these needed lessons. All must be facing their challenges now, or be left behind. Avoidance could cancel ascension for all.

Can the days of darkness lead the way to ascension? Absolutely! Can the mind give the heart the lead? Choose and grow. All that needs choice making can appear in any moment.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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  1. Thank you Saint Germain.
    I use your messages to measure my growth. So far, so good. Thanks a lot.

  2. Today I doubt if I am really Ok. More I read, less I know, many questions shower my head. I decided to ask you a few, Saint Germain.
    1. I have learned that there are many sparks of the Higher Self scattered in Universe. When we refer to Higher Self, do we communicate only with a fraction or with other scattered parts as well?
    2.What are “obligations”, “responsibilities” of the Higher Self? Does it give us the best we need at the time Now-Next, or it sees a bigger picture: what we need to do/achieve not only for Now-Next, but for a more distant future as well?
    3.“I Am”, “Higher Self”, and “My Self” refer to One entity, one presence. I know very well what's going on with “My Self”... What about “I Am” and “Higher Self”? Is any difference between them, or they are they are same concept?

    I am sorry if these questions seem strange. Thanks for your attention.