Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Affirmations, Declarations, Mandates, and Commitments

Channeling my words is not the only thing that enriches one's life. Clear channeling begins with an affirmation. Making an affirmation about being a clear channel is the most a man or woman can do to heal the past and open up to a conduit's activities that aids others.

Making a mandate to give the most love activates the flow of love. Making a commitment to be Free of mind's greed and negativity makes this occur. No man can be controlled that chooses not to be. Asking, affirming, mandating and committing to what you want does all that you need do to alter certain circumstances. Making a clear declaration of an intention demands that the next contract that gets fulfilled is the materialization of that intention.

Salvation and control are all up to you. Salvation can get the first priority if you ask, affirm or mandate this. Control can also be the consequence of an asking, affirmation or mandate, but consider a controlling demand one of destruction, not one of conscious creation.

Apes do not make affirmations and do not create anything. Man does not create unless he makes an affirmation or other mandate to do so. Prayer is not the creation generator that declaring affirmations are. Prayer does not activate man's inner cause and effect dramas. Prayer comes from mind's belief that man is a lessor being and a more powerful being can control man's dilemma. Commands that affirm, mandate or declare do the same thing that God does: Create with the power of words.

Man does not recognize his own divinity. As an aspect of the One, all man need do to be at cause, is make an affirmation, declaration or commitment to the desired creation. Wishing is not exactly asking and not exactly declaring. Wishing is an answer when God asks you what is desired. "Make A Wish Day" was in response to this asking. Collective consciousness does not grant many personal desires, as these are not about growth development for the collective.

Man does co-creating by affirming, mandating or declaring. Asking and affirming are quite different. One is non-assertive, the other is assertive. Owning your divine consciousness comes with being assertive. "Poor me" attitudes do nothing but delete your divine expression. Being conscious includes conscious creation. Answers to your dilemmas are given to the declarer of that determination. Misery does nothing to manifest. It is only denial of human commitment that drains man's ability to co-create. Take this message in as a concept you must accept without a doubt. Doubt my words and you will co-create nothing. Accept them, and you will demand a new demonstration in human consciousness.

What needs to happen for man's salvation is a commitment to nothing less than human dignity. Making a declaration of an intention is owning man's conscious creation ability. Not declaring an intention contradicts all that God created as his manifestation of "no God but me". One God means: all of creation is God. Man is made in God's image. That includes God's ability to determine new creations.

"Ask and you will receive" is declaring that what is deemed desirable will get co- creation attention.
Purification demands less control attitudes and more giving attitudes.
Manifestation is co-creating all that is now asked for.
Contracts are man's desires before coming into human body. Contracts include many human bodies to develop man's determination of what asking needs to be done.

Drowning in human creation means: not asking for what is needed. Purification of non-awareness delivers new attitudes that contribute to the deliverance of contacts, means, methods, and the materials needed for manifestation. Help is always available. Manifest the desires of your heart with affirmations, declarations, mandates and commitments. Pursue dreams to their co-creation.

Ponder this: What you want is what you have the ability to co-create!

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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