Monday, July 5, 2010

Mastery Begins With Giving

Sharing what you have will give mature candidates the growth necessary for the Masters level of ascension. Master's level of ascension is one dimension above the more common and more chosen awareness of most ascension candidates. Masters are not only ascended, they are completely free of all mental constructs that would keep them from Angelic consciousness. God doesn't anoint candidates to this maturity, they do the clearing and deleting themselves of opinions and non-aligned control mechanisms that man has to deal with. Once these control mechanisms are gone, man becomes a mature candidate.

Most of those who are now committed to ascension are mature candidates. None of the mature candidates are completely detached from One consciousness, they are all now thinking of themselves as One with all that is. But, are they living like this? Are they giving all their non-essentials to others? Are they deleting their desires to bring things to themselves before meeting the basic needs of others? Are they giving out money to disaster victims? Are they delivering food to those who don't get enough? Are they living as divine anchors of God's caring? Not that many are doing this. Mastery is being the divine consciousness NOW. It means acting on Oneness consciousness. It doesn't mean "nothingness consciousness: I am nothing, I have nothing, I give nothing." Master's consciousness is "mine is yours."

Sharing is the first step. Communities do this. Give what you have to all and they do the same. Gifting to others is another way of leading divine consciousness, giving from the actual determination that what belongs to one actually belongs to all. Changing over from "what's mine belongs only to me" must begin NOW! No man can be an Island when disasters arrive. All must give to the whole.

Money is not any different than giving clothes or other donations. Money giving can do a lot more than donating things you do not use. Giving money is good to do. Answering needs that are now only in the countries of lesser conveniences must get attention. Give to any who need.

Poverty consciousness is not the only cause of drains on man's living condition. There are many other causes. These other causes dramatize the need for giving. Once the need has been activated is not the time to consider the cause of not having. The cause is not the important message, It is the ability to give that is at the root of the cause. Many who are Awakened go through difficult adventures with money. This is due to their need to get more answers about Oneness.

Awakened awareness means God awareness, and does God control the "dance of leela"? Yes, and the dance is all about awareness. Being a divine being does not mean giving without getting. This only happens when there are non-aligned beliefs in the mind. No man gives without getting. It is a cosmic law. What comes on Earth comes to those who are the conduits of God's giving. Man does not allow God to give all that is available, because man does not give as an answer to others like he could. Man's dilemma is always, if I don't have my needs met, what can I give? Now, I want you to clearly get what the "dance of leela", Oneness consciousness means: I give what I have. All the children of God are my children also.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

*Dance of leela" is a Hindi term that means "dance of consciousness".
**Most ascension candidates are to move to 5th dimension. Awakened awareness is needed to do this. Masters, who live as Masters on Gaia, will ascend to 7th dimension.

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