Monday, July 19, 2010

What is Ascension?

Chelas, my beloved students. My desire for all of you is that you have more comfort with my words about change and ascension. First, allow me to clarify: many changes are coming. Earth cannot accept more environmental destruction, and is not going to allow it to occur. Before more of these major changes manifest, my messages can give you details about what to anticipate and how to cope. My messages are not for those who insist on denying the information they contain about this subject. The messages themselves are not manifesting what is about to occur. They are guidance for a more conducive alignment with the earth and how man chooses to dance with it.

All who are now chelas of Ascended Masters, chose (before incarnating) to get enough awareness to ascend to seventh dimension during this lifetime. My chelas have not made this their most important decision, so I must also give them the other messages as well - getting ready for change. My preference would be to focus only on ascension. I know it now seems to be merely an entertaining thought, so my task today is to contribute more understanding.

Ascension to Fifth dimension is also called enlightenment. It means: man is no longer controlled by his active mind. Quieting mental and emotional dramas makes it possible to receive divine awareness within, instead of needing direction from others. Goals are also deleted, and there is no contraction when actions are taken by the controllers or devastation occurs. Fifth dimension ascension does not melt a body, or destroy contact between man and his mate. Clear awareness about all of life's circumstances make ascension the most conscious manner of being human.

Seventh dimension ascension does mean compete dissolution of man's human form, so there is no more material contact with others in matter. Consciousness is all that is.

Is everyone on earth going to fifth dimension? No, only those who do their clearing of limitations and Awaken. No enlightenment can occur without Awakening. Mind is asleep. Awake means "no mind". When all your mental limitations have been discarded, including your attitudes about ascension, an Awakening can happen. Give up your beliefs so you can Wake Up and ascend.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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