Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Illuminati's Chosen One

Many are now beginning to question the dramas that have been intentional acts to generate fear. These catastrophes have not been done to bring attention to those doing them - they were to give them complete control of mankind. My message today tells the truth about an event everyone must understand.

One of the most devious commanders of the continents of the Americas was Richard B Cheney. This man was the one who orchestrated the collapse of man's claim to freedom. His devious activities include the complete devastation of human rights and the Constitution of the United States. No other man or woman can claim the donation this man has made to destruction. Beginning with 9-11, to Afghanistan, the failure to capture Osama Ben Ladin, to Saddam Hussein's demise, to Halliburton's costly manipulations, to controlling George W. Bush and navigating the crossing over of his own man in Congress. What can be his motive? Access to the most elite doors opening in the community of the Illuminati. This man is the chosen one.

He did control of anger management in the country he claims to annoy him, Columbia, SA. This is the country he was asked to manage by the first George Bush. Columbia has many drug lords. As they became friends with Cheney, he counted on them to deliver to his control the funds he needed to accomplish the 9-11 contract. He did this with the agreement of George W. Bush. This was the way to get enough control to destroy the confidence Americans had in the men and women who were to give them a new destiny. That destiny is about to continue as Mr. Cheney designed it. Not as he originally orchestrated, but as the group of controllers he belongs to wants it to be.

What did I do by exposing the man that did all the groundwork for the Illuminati? I did this to lead the way to end his ability to manipulate. Change this man's confidence and delete his options. Change directions by calling him in on a criminal conspiracy charge. When another decision is made against the controllers, they may give man another chance.

Many do not know that the banks are not at all safe for depositing money. Most banks are already bankrupt. No United States bank can claim a good balance sheet. No European bank can either. No bank can give out all of its deposits. Man does not need to empty them, but to get ready in case they close. If your bank closes tomorrow, will you be able to care for the needs of the community? Make the decision to get to a more cash based condition. Cancel the debt you are contributing to the national debt. Consider the debt you have to be more than can be delivered by that bank to the consumers that depend on it. Debt cancellation makes banks healthier.

Consider this message to be one of opportunity.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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  1. first, let me have a good laugh at this message for the 911 being finaced by colombian drug lord is hillarious, second the country you are talking about is not columbia, its COLOMBIA, named after Columbus a character who was supposed to be st germaine. Why could not cheney get funds from halliburton or petrol companies who were interrested directly in the Iraq war to be able to get their oil. Please messages only contribute to create more confussion, drug lords in colombia are not good people but being involved in 9 11 with nothing in for them, I dont think so.