Thursday, July 22, 2010

Meditate to Experience Divine Consciousness

Meditation is the most conscious moment of your day. Being still, not engaging with what surrounds you, and not entertaining the thoughts that mind creates, can draw out the True Nature of man. Normal, daily activities, do not do this.

Want to experience divine consciousness? Meditate. Are you willing to commit a small amount of time to meet God? It can happen once or twice a day, and not interfere with the day's activities. Only ten minutes can make a major difference. Can you give God this much of your time? Close your eyes. Meditate to disconnect from all the eyes observe. Contemplate the sound of silence. Content that appears in meditation has no meaning . There is nothing more important then just being quiet.

After many days of meditating, the message to the mind of "no interest", can decidedly delete mental activity. Nothing demands quiet like meditation. Tell the mind to be quiet, and maybe it will for one or two moments. Meditate, and calm its concerns about non-essential memories, and you will get the quiet your mind can allow. Not attaching a goal for meditation is best. Never conclude with disappointment. Get the "no thinking" idea across to the mind by making no attempt to engage with the thoughts that arise during meditation. Contact God mentally in other moments, not in meditation.

Choose a time, and make this your daily time for God. You can alter this time occasionally, but don't let one or two missed occasions deter you from meditating regularly. Pass your meditation time in silence. Meditation does not include listening to music or stories. These are to get you into the meditative condition, they are not meditation. Practice, without any chosen outcomes, can develop a more relaxed day, and give you the clarity of mind needed to move into meditation during times of stress.

Select a most inviting area to meditate in without distraction. Create an energy vortex there with regular meditation. Chanting can assist in creating this vortex. Anything that builds the vibration in this area can be used.

Calm, clear, awake, and aware, are all words that apply to meditation. Meditation does NOT include: listening, asking, praying, gathering ideas, contemplation, visualizing, conceiving, or doing of any kind. Mantras are to get you into meditation. Mudras are to invite certain energies into the meditation. Healing can be a result of long meditations, but healing is not the purpose of meditation. Meditation can give you the level of detachment necessary for channeling, but it is not the time to channel. Having NO AGENDA is important.

Choose to meditate, so you will know how the divine aspect of man's consciousness can aid in human mastery. If you don't already meditate, begin today.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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