Friday, July 2, 2010

Making Preparations

No matter what man does, the next days will get more difficult. Now we must accept this fact and prepare to deal with what is to come. Before my guidance on how to channel became available, no material on this topic was adequate, because it did not tell how to determine accuracy. Can there be more accuracy in channeling? You bet!

No matter what may be delivered to man's mind, the most important thing is to determine the consciousness of the channel. If anger is not expressed on channeling day, this doesn't mean there is no anger. If you seem mad on only one day, that doesn't mean there is no madness. If you are cheerful one day and angry another, you do not delete that negativity with one day of good feelings. All of these emotions are combined to determine how you are actually contributing to the matrix of materialization. Two days of anger makes far reaching degradation. One day of cheer makes a lesser contribution. One day of darkness does more damage than one day of cheer does good. This is due to many factors, but is mainly due to the negative attitudes man contains about himself that come out as anger at another.

Cheerfulness is not only a momentary good feeling. Cheer is the deletion of negative attitudes. Many days of negativity can be shifted to a cheerful appearance by a new experience that appears good to the heart. But the previous negative condition will continue to revive the story of "dear me, I'm angry at you" unless the situation is resolved. Healing the heart is necessary to being a clear channel. Only a man or woman who has eliminated their anger can clearly channel the 7th dimension. Astral beings are aware of how negativity cancels a channel's ability to contact our realm, so they answer the call. Many are playing this game by calling themselves Saint Germain, Archangel Michael, Mother Mary, Ashtar and other Master's names. What they tell the channel is that I am not giving accurate information through other channels. This creates doubt about all the messages that do come from me. Point made!

My dear ones, ponder this: Giving attention to ascension does not mean doing nothing to prepare for the days to come. Most of you do not have the ability to purchase all the food man needs to live for many months. This means that getting near a garden as the next best choice. Another choice is to deny yourself food one day a week so the body gets used to this. It may not get all it needs one day, and this will not be a problem for the body. It is actually is a good contribution to digestion. Pace yourself with food, so when there may not be sufficient available, you aren't distressed. It may get very annoying before the body gets used to consuming less. Can the day of not eating become a weekly event before the need to do this becomes urgent?

I suggest you do this one day each week on the same day. One day is not going to cause the body to get ailments. Act as though this is a new health regime. Act as though the body needs this day off. Positive attitudes about this will help it become accepted by the body. Also, change the way you act about meals. Give appreciation for the gifts of the animal kingdom, and the minerals and vitamins they deliver will be more available. Make a decision that health needs more daily exercise and less food. Activate the drama of being in charge of the diet, instead of being goaded by the control impulses the body delivers.

Today's message is the beginning of a series of messages about getting prepared for difficult times. Money will not matter. Welcome the change. Prepare yourself to deal with what may occur to your contact for divine guidance and unexpected diet changes. My blessings,

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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