Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Darkness in Politics

Channels of Ascended Masters must be able to discern energies. No Master has an energy that makes you uncomfortable. An unloving being, seeking attention, will call upon new, inexperienced channels to accept them as an authority. Many do this, telling the channel things that are about to occur to activate allegiance.

Names mean nothing when channeling is done. Always check the message, AND the energy of the conduit, AND the being calling on that conduit. An entity can appear out of no where. How can a new channel decide on its consciousness? Ask: "Are you Christ consciousness?" A "No" answer, or any answer other than "Yes" gives the message. Send away any who are not Christ consciousness. Send away all who are making up a drama to con you. True Ascended Masters do not need drama. Their energy feels comfortable and does not cause negative feelings. Always ask who an entity is. Not as a measure of their authenticity, but to get more information about them. If my name is used, be clear that only Christ consciousness is accepted. A rejected being cannot do anything but leave.

Twice I have given this instruction. Not enough questioning is being done, and I want the impostors to get caught.

Today's other message is about happiness. What happiness does is lighten up the entire universe. Happy people on the Earth cheer up those who are not getting their needs met. Save a life with your happiness. That life can be in another area, another city, another continent. Happiness alters the totality of consciousness that is the essence of all.

On the other hand, politics is the negative cause of darkness. All who choose this profession are dark. They choose to be a politician to control or to gain. Both deserve no accolades. Presidents, Monarchs, Kings and Prime Ministers are all dark. Anyone willing to degrade another to get their opinion accepted is dark. All, not just some! This game of directing appeals to those who did not get their needs met on any level. They need attention, they need agreement, they need dominance. Oh, they may say they are committed to assisting those needing aid, but do they do this? Celebrations of defeating another are a dark motivation to cheer.

Politics does nothing to assist others. An answer to aid is giving. How do politicians give? Only to get.

Change comes when men and women care enough to demand it. National elections are not an appreciation of anyone, only the defeat of one's opponent. Making a difference cannot come through politics, only a grassroots desire to move forward an objective of the heart. Take this advice from me, don't get manipulated into agreeing with a politician. Check with your own heart before delivering any criticism of others. Are they any more advanced in awareness than you are? If not, than how can you expect them to do more than you can?

Wake up people. You are the answer to all the darkness! You are the next world leaders. Not more of the same, please, give your world more conciliatory objectives. Give more heart directed goals. Act like an angel and do angelic things. Allow me this opportunity to make this clear. You must act on what you know to be true. No one who has gotten a political position can do it without your contribution. Another way of looking at your government is: "not this again"!

Are you certain that there is nothing you can do to make the world a better place? If you are, nothing will improve. Talk about what my message today delivers. Act on the drive of the heart to take you to more God conscious decisions.

Walk without my advice to the cataclysms. Follow my advice to Freedom.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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