Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Make A Decision NOW

Ponder this: contact with the teachers and guides of my 7th dimensional realm can now be completely accurate, because new contact can occur without moving through astral dimensions. Many deceivers have come as impersonators of ascended ones, and now they are being exposed. My channeling course has exposed them and their manipulative ways, so have no concern about making contact to another dimension. What we have done, is caught the most blatant in their lies, and dispersed them as a nuisance. Confident channels can delete negative deceivers quickly and without nice goodbyes.

And, more will be deceived until they also learn the material in this course. Basically, my message today is: Please take my channeling course. This course can open the door to an Awakening. Why? Because it does what no other channeling course does, it directly connects you to me.

Now, if you do not want to be connected to me, this course is not for you. I AM consciousness is always available to those not wanting my guidance. But, my energy is already coming to those drawn to reading my messages, so what is the difference? I AM consciousness is I AM consciousness, no matter what name it goes by.

False manipulators are going to discredit my words, as they do not want me to discredit them. Be certain, my conduit is a clear channel, and then decide for yourself about the message.

Twenty-million have signed up to ascend during these next months. About five million are ready. That leaves many who will not be able to complete the death and birth cycle. I have asked this conduit to do my channeling as her first calling. Not to become a drain on her, but to get my chelas to make their commitment to ascension again. Make a commitment to the God in your own heart, because this God can take you home. What is necessary now is to collect many channels who are able to communicate to the masses. As soon as the collective gets the message of ascension, those not connected can be left behind. This is not a threat. Can this warning serve as sufficient motivation for you to learn to channel?

Facing the fact that only five million out of twenty million can ascend now, my goal is to increase that to at least five million more. How can this happen? By channels delivering messages like these. Here's what it takes to channel clearly:
1. Clear whatever is not aligned to doing this
2. Meditate
3. Call in the energy
4. Challenge the comments made
5. Make them clear and available

The Course in Channeling that I co-created with Aruna does all of this concisely, delivering all the knowledge about channeling you need. The course can be downloaded NOW, but we don't know what will happen down the road. If those who don't care about channeling now don't get it, they may not get to order it when their computers are disconnected from the internet. Do you think the internet is a permanent answer to man's daily needs? No access to such a great deal of information can be allowed when the controllers are making their last stand. You must get yourself ready to be controlled if you don't learn to channel. Man and another draconian control magician are on a disconnection course of major proportion. Sci-fi and all your movies are mild in comparison. Can you get ready to deliver a major blow to this plan?

Most of you are going about your days in a dreamlike state. Oh, you are "concerned" about the needs of others, and may give money to a cause, but will you get ready for major destruction of the entire commodity system? Are you able to go to another area to live? Are you active in getting ready to care for others, if they can't care for themselves? How are you demonstrating this?

Be quiet. Talk to our own heart. Ask for guidance. Can you get an answer? Yes? Are you able to accept that it is accurate? No? Then you need the Course In Channeling.

My conduit has done all she can to contribute her vast channeling experience to this course. And I have made it interactive with my contact. This does not make it a guaranteed channeling condition, as there needs to also be the contribution of the one taking the course. All the tapes are classes - with tasks that must be completed. Getting the result depends on doing these tasks. Make no mistake, activating channeling with the highest vibration, means activating this level of vibration in yourself. It can be done. It is not mandatory for those who aren't going to ascend, but it is necessary for those who desire ascension.

If there is any way you can get the benefits of this course elsewhere, that's fine, but not many channels are as open and honest about the dangers and common errors most new channels make. Self awareness comes before clear channeling. If denial is present, becoming a clear channel can be a most major endeavor. Consciousness means Oneness, not closed, apart, or unable to give out to others. Oneness can be the goal, and channeling can be a by-product of the Course in Channeling.

My apologies. I do not want you to think I am offering you a major course in Mastery in only five sessions. It is not that. It is a channeling course only, with great awareness as a bonus.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna
A Course In Channeling can be downloaded here.

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