Sunday, July 4, 2010

Conscious Money Management Needed

Answering questions is my contribution to the minds of men. My actual duties do not include this activity, but my chelas need this to be open to my words.

First question: "Why does the collapse of the current economic master plan need to occur?"

SG: Because no man can drive the management of hopes and dreams away from the masses, and destroy lives more ably, than the cartel in charge of banking now. They must get out of the way. No more of their management means no more gold is needed to feed their master plan.

No more money can be delivered without gold as a control of its value. A process of altering man's dependency on money needs to occur. Positive developments can emerge out of economic collapse.

First is the destruction of the banking cartel. Second is the destruction of currency management without gold and coins of other metals driving value. Third, containment of health managers that drive money costs to the advantage of their controllers not their customers. And fourth, causing entire countries that do not get assistance of the managers to shut down cannot continue.

Advice on the necessary direction to come will come from Masters who only desire another method of managing. Men and women who are greedy don't give any concern to the damage their greed makes on their active awareness.

After the collapse of the American dollar, other currencies will become more negotiable. Not just the major currencies, also the less energized currencies that need more growth. The Soviet Union needs more gold backing also. Their money cannot answer the needs of many once they get their discounted value. Arabic countries oil will get more valuable only as the US commitment to control oil production in the Gulf of Mexico dissolves. When this occurs, the cost of gas in the US will grow to be aligned with other countries. This means great movement in cost of goods on the shelves. Government control of the anomaly of a new currency further devalues the current system. Past mistakes can direct the new drama.

My dear ones, the answer may not appear to be as clear as you would appreciate. The reason for this is man's ability to change the actual conveyance of healing needed to alter the affects. Solve this dilemma now and no economic collapse needs to occur. Fire the cartel. Contain the managers of money. Gold can be available to many. Complete these answers now and the need to collapse the world's money can be avoided.

Change needs to occur immediately. Can you help save the gold and silver conveyance? Yes, by dropping credit and other means of debt. Change the whole way money is disbursed. Change the means of control. Clear the drama of money by using all that you get and not controlling the answers to the daily needs of others.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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