Thursday, July 8, 2010

You Create Your Own Future

Ponder this: Many hands of God are available to guide you. You are the one deciding on man's future. You are the one directing these hands.

Man does not get anything determined for him. He decides the goals and makes all the calls in the game of life. Many choose to be given man's destiny design ahead of making their choices in daily life. Collective daily choices are what cause future events, so no calculated guess can be guaranteed accurate.

Advancing man's consciousness also advances his destiny. One million years ago, the earth didn't have any of the choice options available today. Man could not determine any of the advances that are now activated, as one step leads to another. Change occurs gradually, and no divine action does anything that is not called for on man's choice creation list. Absolutely clear conduits are not able to determine the future now, because no combined consciousness has deemed an answer to man's drama. It all depends on YOU! Probabilities are many. Choices are many. Conditions of drastic consequences are all manageable. All you need to do is commit to a New Earth instead of a mass grave.

A channeled entity of great madness has determined that many will follow what he announces, and he does mass hypnosis on his clients while he delivers his command to destroy man's habitat. Many are fooled by his claim of enlightenment. All are being used by the anti-Christ he represents. Christ consciousness is love. Only love is the guidance of Masters. Anything other than love is anti-Christ consciousness. Man does not need to delete his future with mental imagery of destruction. Many other choices are available.

Announcing an eminent earthquake is not the same as announcing a future draught. Announcing a coup in a country on the verge of a coup is not the same as announcing a major overthrow of human conditions that are still able to be changed. I've dictated many changes already manifested as a means of clearing an area, or getting chelas able to continue life through an eminent collapse of contact with our realm, and the draught of man's food access without gardens, only to get you ready to act on changes that are ALREADY on the way to being as concrete as they can be. But nowhere do you find an enlightened Master dictating the dark and dismal controller's agenda as absolute facts. No one with cosmic consciousness would direct man to go underground or buy guns. No Master with caring consciousness would drug his clients before content of this nature was delivered to them. No ascended one would ask for great allegiance and secret meetings.

Many dear ones have been deceived by this rogue channeled energy. My advice is to get another opinion! Open your own channel and ask about these things. Give this darkness more exposure. Bring your own light to the controller's agenda, and refuse his message as your declared creation to the hands of light. His message will destroy mankind. Be well aware of his non-enlightened message!

Another messenger to be aware of is announcing the NESARA message as a monetary condition of great accuracy. NOT SO. This will NOT occur. Be careful what you accept to go along with out of desperation. NESARA was not my idea, and never have I mentioned it in an absolute way. I do not see this becoming energized in today's economic domain. False claims are being made on this topic.

After this message about false channeling, I hope you get the call to find a messenger that is clear before you accept anything that is dictated. A clear channel of TRUTH is able to deliver the Masters of cosmic consciousness because of their own consciousness. Peace, happiness and a totally loving manner are the clues. Alcohol, drugs and demands of their clients are not included in their advice. Chapter 2 of today's message will detail more of the things to be aware of when it comes to acting on advice of others. Act on the advice of your own clear channeling. Take my channeling course! Get advice direct from the divine source of Truth.

Beloved friends, you will create your own destiny. Your mental acceptance of the future makes it what it will be. Make it bright, and change will occur to these dark moments that we all are aware are being manifest. Change your mind, change your future.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna
A Course In Channeling can be purchased here.

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