Saturday, July 3, 2010

Choose The Way of Your Heart

Cancel all concerns you might have about contributing negative energy as the changes occur. No matter what is taking place in the 3rd dimension, there is another continuous energy of good vibrations coming to the matrix of materialization from other dimensions. Come to each day's events with this knowing: "Whatever happens, my contacts in other dimensions are my greatest assistants." They are going to be the most concerned about their ability to anchor light. If you can be an anchor of light on the 3rd dimension, they will direct the collective drama with their aid. Maintaining heart and mind merging is the way to let them aid the drama.

Change means growth, and many of you will get the opportunities you need to delete your negativity during these changes. Peace on another dimension can dramatically effect the 3rd dimension. Welcome the next collective consciousness with mental agreement, not disturbance.

Bodies are closing the door to choice now. Giving agreement to the mind and not the consciousness of the awareness of God must completely stop. Choose the way of your heart. Alter nothing with mental activities. Amazing grace comes to those who are coming from the heart.

Adjusting to a different way of living may not be easy. It may mean that food is difficult to get. Maybe others are able to get it, but they don't give any away. Allowing all to get their awareness to a more conscious level during these times is only one of the choices needing to be made. Face your days with contentment, no matter what each day brings.

What is coming is GOOD. Going through difficult days means getting prepared. Has the negative mind given you any condemnation of my words? Yes? Than ask the mind if these days are to all be cheer and delight. If it doesn't answer, than it is now getting considerate of man's inner guidance making itself known. Choice is before conscious awareness. Conscious awareness comes only with an Awakening. An Awakening comes before Ascension.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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  1. My dear friend I would first like to comment on the service of devotion that comes from the heart and as you say hand of our dear friend ARUNA she has brought much joy to my heart as your words flow from her hand.I would also as you know like to extend my voice as you once said my people are about to find there voice to you. I will chat with you directly tonight within the chambers of my heart as I have heard it called the inner net.