Thursday, July 1, 2010

Are You Ready for Ascension?

Change to your bodies is now underway. Have you noticed how many of you are activated in your light bodies? As my conversations on this blog continue, my chelas who read these messages may notice many different things happening to them that they need to contain in their new consciousness. One is the most dramatic: answers to questions being available before they are asked.

Learning to channel my words is necessary now, because my present ability to make clear contact with chelas through their own direct means is not very good. And when my channel who can get clear messages is not able to deliver them, many will need grand dramas in their life to receive these messages. Answers are always available, but my ability to connect may not be. Take the time now to get connected before the big dramas begin.

My chelas are not yet able to ascend due to the necessity of their channeling ability. Once the call is made, ascension may dramatize like it did when Jesus ascended. As this may need a guide from our realm, making the transition to a dimension beyond the third is non-negotiable. Candidates have made their choice known, and the dye is cast - when the moment arrives, the help of our realm MUST be available. Channeling is the only way we can deliver the guidance that will be needed. Only moment-to moment answers will be available.

If healing the heart has not been accomplished, this also could delay ascension. Making amends, getting detached from old memories, and solving moment to-moment challenges also need to be addressed. Clearing the latent tendency to make convincing arguments about non-answerable questions must also be done. The mental body is going to get angry because its comforts are not going to get attention. Daydreams about manifesting the future will not be causing desired changes to occur.

Another admission that needs clearing is being able to get my conduits daily cooperation when the mind desires they do other things. I AM consciousness is heart driven, not mind driven, and choosing anything the heart desires comes before mental choices. As you awaken and can tell the difference between what is coming from the mind and a calling from the heart, you will see that the heart will guide you where mind may not want to go. Why do I tell you this? Because my channel gives me her attention now, instead of doing her other chosen activities, so I can lead the way towards ascension This was to be a nice vacation for her, but my request to give a daily blog gave her a different plan. Now that her days are occupied with my channeling, I want to thank her and ask those of you who are following my messages to also thank her. Make a donation, if you can, and give me your greetings when you do this by mentally announcing to me that my request has been fulfilled. My channel doesn't appreciate these announcements that my control of her hand gives to you, so my ability to ask these things has its consciousness in the drama also. Help me compensate her and we can set her mental concerns aside about not completing the book she began.

Now there are more important tasks to do. Chelas need advice. Masters need clear conduits. I wouldn't impose my calling on this conduit had I had clear channels that could have also done this. But unfortunately, not enough are clear. What most channels do not comprehend, is that to get Awakened comes before totally clear channeling. Otherwise, the ego will do all it can to misrepresent the message.

Politics about channeling does not allow control of the domain by any certification, so there is no control that we have to demand more clarity and assist in its content. What I proposed the other day has not concretely moved any to submit their channeling for guidance. Is this because of being more attached to approval than being accurate? Another request for this is now being made. Clear channels are needed now!

The most direct challenge to my ability to lead my chelas, is not being able to contact enough of them. If you can think of one who may welcome these messages, anywhere in the world, please make my words available to them. My gratitude to my conduit, and to my chelas, is annointing all with the love of the Maha Chohan. Maha Chohan means divine father. My chelas are my children. My council for their ascension directs me to ask and go to whatever means I can get to help them hear my words. For more guidance, go to my daily blog, or get a personal message from me as the need arises. My love now answers questions as they are asked, but you may not hear my answers.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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