Friday, July 16, 2010

What Is The Truth?

Truth cannot be an opinion. It negates all opinions. What is Truth is nothing a mind can accept, because it is not a concept. Concepts about anything are a misunderstanding of what Truth is. Health, action, negative thinking, death, memories, attitudes, agreements, mandates and all other concerns are mind's concerns, not Truth.

Change is at hand. A lot of changes are about to occur. Big changes are not negative. How they are experienced is the important thing. Making a plan may be irrelevant, as no one can accurately predict all the details of these alterations to man's habitat. Man must do what can be done, but nothing of man's doing can deny the big changes their destruction.

Now is the time to move in consciousness, to be in these changes as a Master. Masters are not concerned by drama, they can accept all that appears, as they are aware that nothing is as it seems. My dear ones, what is not real can be destroyed. What is real cannot. What cannot be destroyed is the consciousness that is your True make-up. As the bodies it has activated come and go, it maintains its integrity as a most amazing, most heartfelt desire to ascend the denial of its own existence.

More of this awareness is needed. This news comes to minds as not a real discourse of a Master or a guide, as the ego cannot get the answers it wants. No devastation, and no death, destroys human consciousness. It is non-destructible. It needs no food, water or clothes to exist. It doesn't die. Consciousness is the True Nature of this human body. Give this consciousness a chance, and it will delete all fear, no matter what happens in the world or to one body.

My method of guiding during this most difficult change of continent movement is to get you prepared to leave the human condition with a lack of fear and a mental attitude of a new adventure. Commitment to being Awake will make this your last lifetime. Channeling your guides can help with day to day needs.

Have the messages given you the idea that no catastrophes are coming? No, I've been quite clear on this. Many are now changing the earth already, with more to come. But, my words are not to cause anger, fear or mistrust, only to lift your sights to holiness and death defying consciousness, where You will become a Truth giver instead of being a Truth seeker.

Concentrate on negative things and you will not be ready for healthy control of your destiny. Mind can only activate fear. Concentrate on delight and happiness and give more light to others who are mental.

Make another choice - don't give mind's agenda a chance to create darkness in your awareness. You are a divine, most conscious Master in a human body, not a disturbed mental case needing direction. Call on the Master that you are, and celebrate ascension to the contract of heaven you deserve.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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