Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Next Phase of Creation

My dear ones. Today may be difficult. Many of you are facing financial depression. Many will get sick. Many are not happy. My messages are not to tell you that nothing is happening, they are to guide you to a more conscious direction of thinking. Please give my words much consideration.

Channeling can be an open door for going to a new director, other than the ego. No Master will control you like ego does, but Masters do not want the door to close without your full understanding of what is being given. My teachings must be presented at multiple levels of awareness. No long time chela is going to be mad because they do not address new consciousness, because they need no conversation about this. Yesterday I gave a message for this group. Many of them were glad. Others did not understand my meaning.

To grow in consciousness, new awareness must appear. At first it can seem odd, not making any doors of awareness open. But when given numerous times, the same message makes a lot more sense. More than two conversations about a topic creates an opportunity for great depths of understanding.

Yesterday's message was not telling you to do nothing to take care of yourself and those in your community. Nor was it a cosmic guide of self-destruction. My most dramatic messages are not the ones that nudge the mental body to question, they are the ones that discuss matters that cannot be changed. Many of the disasters that are coming cannot be altered. But many can. Making more happiness can change the vibratory quotient that makes things manifest. Allow for a new possibility or you create the opposite with anointed thoughts about it.

While devastating things are coming, none of them are going to destroy the consciousness of those who are Awake. Being Awake will determine the way the next phase of creation comes forth. More and more, the thoughts that are given out do create the future.

Nothing defines you other than the thoughts that contain your signature. God's thoughts are not personal thoughts. God's thoughts are about ALL, not one aspect alone. God gives grace to all who ask. Are you making wishes? Are you telling God what you want? Give God your new goals whenever you come up with them. Make no decisions about the cost or the possibility of their creation. Give God your list of requests.

Attitude is everything. How you think creates mental constructs that manifest. Negative attitudes about how, or unconvinced thoughts about your ability to manifest, delete your requests from God's list. Ask and you will get no confirmation of your order. Give the matter to God. That puts it in the manifestation channel. Meditate daily. Give thanks for being. Nothing more is needed.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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