Friday, July 9, 2010

Ascension And The Days Of Change

I am going to answer another one of your questions now:

Q: Are the Masters going to take us to another planet?

SG: My answer to this is 'no'. We are not going to be operating a carrier service for bodies. No bodies will be evacuated to other planets. Many days of darkness will come to the land masses during the days of change. These will be the days where we move communities to their new locations. These locations will not be other planets, they will be new continents that form as a result of earth movement. Masses of mankind will be relocated by carriers of the Galactic Federation.

Part of the continent of South America will become a center for relocation. Another is the continent of Australia that will have had its top joined with Asian countries. Another will be China. All of these areas will be major centers of the New Earth. More continents will be areas to move to also, but these three will come to be the continents that most go to.

Changes like this are coming, though not as quickly as man has come to believe. Not in 2012. Not in man's current lifetime. Most of the children of God that now inhabit cities on all of earth's continents will need to leave before this change occurs. Ponder this: Changes of this magnitude will occur after the Ascension. Anyone who ascends will not get the assignment to colonize these continents. Those who remain in areas that are to experience major catastrophes will be transported to one of these areas.

Many will not ascend. Many will die during these changes. Ascension is not anything like ordinary death. It is the complete annihilation of man's mental answers to choice, when choice doesn't come to the conscious mind, only God's will be done. Changing over to this consciousness before ascension is called an Awakening.

Anchors of light will ascend as the Masters of the next continuum. All others will either not ascend, or will ascend to 5th dimension, not yet ready to complete their cycle of incarnations. Making this next commitment to Awaken will be my topic for another day.

As the mass consciousness moves into a more calm conveyor of change, man can do the assignments needed to get ready for the Master level ascension. But if the North Koreans attack and destroy the atmosphere, ascension will only occur for those who are now anchoring light. All the others will need more commitment to ascension in their next lifetime. Other lifetimes will occur on different masses of land than those man currently enjoys, but they will occur after the first mass ascension that happens with the Master's guidance.

Provide for the changes that occur in the next months, not the ones that require relocation - that is much later.

Have a most delightful day. Make many wishes today. Give this message no concern.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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