Thursday, July 29, 2010

Anchors Of Light

Anchors of light are mostly quiet. They don't do many activities, or go to areas where many are gathered. Going places close to home are OK, but going on a major trip demands more of their attention and decreases their contribution.

Their anchoring is done in a most inconspicuous way, and nothing makes others notice them. The chief characteristic of an anchor is non-attachment to conditions of the world. Since many disturbances are going to occur, and all of these disturbances will need infusions of light, no matter what happens, anchors must remain neutral. Any change in their demeanor can cancel their ability to donate light.

Anchors of light are not calling in light to send out to others, nor do they make mental directives for its use. More light is contributed through those who are completely detached, than through those who desire a particular outcome. They also do not credit themselves with any alterations that occur after they are done with their work. Their entire mode of operation is selfless service. It is not that they do not care about the world, they do care what happens and about those it happens to, but their caring is without bias. They are not apathetic, as apathy does not generate light. Apathy and "not doing" are both very different from anchoring. Apathy denies disturbance, whereas anchors are not disturbed.

Many anchors are distributed around the planet. Unfortunately, few are in the Middle East or No. Korea, as both of these areas need more light. Colleagues of mine do a lot of activities to generate light for humans, and one man or woman, detached from all worldly concerns, can anchor more light than our realm can do in groups. Just one anchor can deny the controllers many of their planned disturbances. Planetary healing can also be a consequence of anchoring light.

All Masters are not anchors of light. Some are in a different mode of being. Answering questions about consciousness can be one Master's gift, and anchoring light is done by another. Healing creates more drama and gets more attention than an anchor of light wants to receive, so most anchors do not advertise themselves as healers.

My reason for discussing this today, is to acknowledge those who contribute so much and do not get any credit or compensation for doing so. None of my chelas who are anchors of light are named as leaders, nor can they be named by anyone who gives out awards to those who make major contributions to the world. Yet, these men and women give more to the world than any contributor who can be named. Being able to dream the dream of man's continued existence can be difficult for those who are able to manifest right now. Anchors of light manifest by their very existence. They do on earth what our realm cannot do without them.

Please give them appreciation. Not knowing their names means nothing, consider them anonymous donors, who care about the world enough to contribute their gifts without any concern for themselves. Be their helpers by adding your light to theirs. This can be done by meditating often. My gift to them comes as no other, it is an act of grace.

Many thanks, dear ones, for the gifts you give to humanity.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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