Friday, July 23, 2010

Three Things to Deter Controllers

Chances are, the next days will not be as dramatic as my comments have made them appear. This is because many are changing their anger into action. Meditating, clearing the mass consciousness of despair, and giving to others, has made a difference. Keep doing these three things, and you will deter the most corrupt controllers from their game.

New targets of terrorism are now going to become contracts of the men who hate Americans. Not in the USA, rather, in other countries where Americans have a strong presence. Korea will become the next cause of attack on the ground. Not many Muslims are near this area, and men who are controlling the dis-ease called terrorism are not able to go there now, but, they are getting ready to go, and will, if the US and North Korea get into discussions. Be aware that not only Arabic men and women are their choice of attackers. Many of the new recruits are not Arabic.

Can the US make North Korea behave? My assessment is NO. Can North Korea get aggressive? Absolutely. North Korea does not care about conditions in their own country. Are they going to care about others? Mr. Il is not a man to be reasoned with. My first messages about this are clear. He needs little provocation to trigger nuclear bombs. Many of his own people have been doing nothing but getting ready to attack South Korea. Also, Japan, when they join the attack of mass consciousness opinion. Healing needs to happen in this area of your world. Be careful with anything that may cause Mr. Il anger.

Peace and love are needed now for man's children. They must become confident about man's ability to survive. Many of our dear ones are so depressed they cannot dance unless it is to dark consciousness material. Words against others do damage. Can the music makers conceive of new types of music for them to listen to? Without disgust or dismay, caring, uplifting, playful music can take their consciousness up a notch. Can heart messages become energized by those claiming to be lightworkers? Change the music, and the consciousness of young people can add more to this generation of depression.

Clouds are making it difficult to convey all the necessary messages from those who care in other dimensions. Anchoring more light from our realm makes the darkness less destructive. Meditation gives us the opportunity to be able to do this. Meditate and allow the light to ground through the energy centers of your body. As you do this, more growth occurs for all. Happiness conditions are coming. Not all is dark. Many have awakened and are anchoring light in all countries.

Star children are not always aware of what they contribute. Beams of light emanate from them. Their daily lives do more for growth of others than most adults. Children are the gift to the dimensions that need more light. Give them the opportunity to brighten their family - many do this naturally, as they are able to meditate without cause. Children are my great Master assistants. Honor them as this. Allow them to bring more of their new energies to this planet. Some are the Indigo, but not all, and all can bring light by child games and child contact with their I AM Presence. Children close down due to adult influences. Please allow them to give adults their creative, fun filled consciousness.

My calling for you to act on my words is not dictating that you must. I already have said, to check in with your own heart, before acting on anything said by channeling. In this case, there is no control being exerted, only love and caring about the future of all. Tough and demanding conditions are mandating different attitudes. My desire is to make other conditions available - make them the next day's choice, not a negative doomsday made with negative attitudes.

Bless all of you who understand me and can discern the caring that motivates my attitude. Hope is not enough. Man has to take action TOWARDS creating the magic of light the entire universe desires. So be it!

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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