Sunday, July 11, 2010

Group Souls and Ascension

Modern man has not yet experienced the new dramas of the amazing changes that are coming in the next months. As the days get nearer, my chelas are to be led by my words, on this website, or directly. Make no mistake, the changes will be dramatic. Acting out these new dramas will be more of an adventure than man has gone through before. All of the awareness that has come out of man's call for God will be needed, to get consciousness ready for the next level of ascension, before anything really big occurs.

My dear ones. Ascension, as many are aware, is not an instant answer to all your contracts. Those answers must get handled before ascension, or no ascension. Contracts are the agreements between more than one aspect of a drama that can magnify a teaching. One man needs other aspects of his contained energy to raise his consciousness. Many bodies contain one group soul. The entire group soul must become awake to ascend. Man does not ascend alone - the entire group ascends together.

Many of you are now acting as Masters. More of you will become Masters. Masters can activate a "dance of leela" that helps bring other aspects of their group soul to ascension. As more of each group answers my call, the chelas that my messages are for can ascend together. Many are ready, but not all. The many cannot ascend without those who are not yet ready.

Contact may be cut, as the internet may not get to all who are needing guidance. If this occurs, the more channels that can give information, the better. Welcome those who channel and guide them to make absolutely certain that only the highest level of consciousness, the Christ consciousness, will be leading others through them. Channeling for others is a major responsibility. Giving out a deceiver's agenda is a drain on the one doing the channeling, because their karma is affected. Many who would otherwise ascend will cancel their ascension by channeling dark angels.

Always ask this question of any channeled entity: "Are you Christ consciousness?" Only continue when a completely affirmative answer is returned.

Ponder this: Is your ascension completely assured? Are you able to channel your own I AM Presence? Are you Awake? Are you attached to material things? Are you near more than one other person to grow food with? Are you able to discern negative from positive? Are you welcoming of others who are needing aid? Can you give freely? Are you meeting a deceiver to get guidance?

Answer these questions and know the work that may still need doing. Channeling Masters and Angels is not the only thing needed. Make an assessment and begin the things that are not done yet.

After the days of darkness, the ones who ascend will not be available to channel for you. Get yourself able to contact the guides who can take you home.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna
A Course in Channeling can be purchased here.

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